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Loren Searles, Massage Therapist

Loren grew up in Lowell, Vt. and found an interest in health and the body through an early lifestyle of working and playing outside. As a teen she began to relish the hard work and reward of growing food and proceeded to work on a variety of farms in the state; earning a degree from UVM in Food Systems & Nutrition along the way. When an accumulation of
overuse injuries from physical labor eventually renewed her curiosity about structural health, strength, and care, she was delighted to enroll in Green Mountain Massage School in Hyde Park, Vt. Through her massage education and practice, she has been grateful for how working
with her body for so long informed her understanding of functional anatomy and the language of the body. She now splits her time between massage, a grass-fed livestock farm in Hardwick, and her family’s sugar woods in Lowell. She loves all of her work and the community she is able
to be a part of through it. Loren’s massage training includes techniques in Deep Tissue, Sports & Swedish massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Reflexology, and a variety of heat therapies. She considers
her massage to be structural, to release tension and encourage alignment in the body. She utilizes a relaxing environment for the nervous system to patiently access layers of compromised tissue; using moderate to deep pressure as the client is comfortable. Loren is happy to work with clients of all kinds and strives to build each season around the individual.

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