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Instructor - Michele Miller

The mind-body exercise system known today as Pilates was created by German born Joseph Pilates in the early 1920’s with his wife Clara in New York City. The exercises are designed to increase strength, flexibility, coordination and balance throughout the body. The focus is on the deepest muscles in the body, the structural support muscles, and encourages fluidity, connectivity and control throughout every movement. It has been proven to be not only a worthwhile fitness endeavor, but an important tool for professional sports training and physical rehabilitation.

At Halfmoon, Pilates can be practiced in either a group mat class, in a private lesson or a small group class on the equipment.

In Person Classes
   The Barn off the Common
   1631 N Craftsbury Road

   $18 | single class
   $70 | 5 class card
120 | 10 class card

*In person students may also use their class cards for online classes 

Zoom Classes
   $16 | single class
   $50| month for 1 class a week   
   $70 | month for 2 classes a week
   $90 | month for 3 classes a week
   $110 | month for unlimited classes

Private Lessons on
the Equipment

Private sessions on the Pilates Reformer and Cadillac focus on core strength, proper muscle engagement and functional posture. Exercises can be modified for any body, making it ideal for those looking to tone up, rehabilitate from an injury, correct a movement pattern, train for a particular sport, or push themselves to find their bodies maximum strength.


Pilates Mat

Pilates Mat is a low-impact exercise system that increases muscle tone and strength, co-ordination, bone density and creates a long, lean body frame. Pilates mat classes focus on strengthening the deep abdominals, lower back muscles, pelvic floor, hips and glutes through a series of floor exercises using simply your own body as resistance. In addition, the mat increases flexibility, mental health and self-awareness.

All classes take place at the Barn off the Common, 1631 N. Craftsbury Road, Craftsbury Common, VT

Mat Level 1

Designed as an introduction to the Pilates Mat. Beginning with simple exercises to inform and prepare the body, we move through the Basic exercises at a slow pace with clear instruction before each exercise. Michele offers modifications for potential challenges and alerts for possible pitfalls. This class will increase your overall strength and flexibility by focusing primarily on core and leg strength.


   Mon. 9-10AM


   Tues. 3-4PM

Mat Level 2

This level moves into a slightly quicker pace, introducing more flow between exercises, increasing demands on the body and repetitions of each exercise. This class in not for brand new beginners, but for students who feel comfortable with Pilates already and desire a little more challenge in pace and skill level.


   Wed. 9-10AM



Mat Level 3

Moves at a quick, steady pace, introducing more complicated, intermediate-level exercises, using less contact with the mat as a support, and requiring more core strength and finesse to execute. This class will require you to make your own modifications when appropriate and assumes a solid knowledge of Pilates principals and material.


   Fri. 9-10AM


   Wed. 3-4PM

Mat Level 4

Also known as “ Killer Mat”, moves at a very swift, continuous pace and incorporates many of the Intermediate and Advanced level Pilates exercises. This class is not for beginners or practitioners who have not held a regular Pilates mat practice in the previous months. Expect a good challenge!

On hiatus for the summer. See you again in September!

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