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Chinese Martial Arts

Instructor - Michele Miller

Chinese Martial Arts is an umbrella term used to describe a family of fighting and meditation
styles that have developed over the centuries with their origins in China. At Halfmoon, we teach Qigong, Taiji, and traditional weapons.

In Person Classes
   The Open Space in Hardwick, VT
   $16 | single class
   $65 | 5 class card
110 | 10 class card

*In person students may also use their class cards for online classes 

Zoom Classes
   $16 | single class
   $50| month for 1 class a week   
   $70 | month for 2 classes a week
   $90 | month for 3 classes a week
   $110 | month for unlimited classes


Qigong | Taiji 

Qigong is rooted in Chinese Medicine, and is used for health, mobility and in martial arts training to develop Qi or “life force”. It is a system of coordinated body movements and postures, practiced slowly like a moving meditation, but can at times feel quite rigorous.

It is practiced throughout the world as preventive medicine, self-healing, exercise, meditation and as supplemental training for martial arts.

Qigong | Beginning Taiji
(Tai Chi) 


Beginning slowly, we move through all the major joints of the body, waking them up and moving energy through them at a gentle pace. Each class includes some stretching and strengthening, balance exercises, and foundation work, then we move into Taiji form work. Some students chose to only take the Qigong portion of class and leave before the Taiji. This is a great class to wake up with in the morning. It feels good in the body
and creates a sense of calm and grounding that will carry through your day.


   Tues. & Wed. 11-11:55 AM
   Fri. 12-12:55PM


   All levels, no experience necessary

Advanced Taiji

This class is by invitation only, and for students training consistently in Taiji for over three years. The physical demands in this class are higher, more detailed correction to form is given, and a deeper examination of the principles and martial application of Taiji is shared. We practice the Sun Style 98 form in this class, as taught by Master Su Zifang, Michele and Heather’s Shifu in Singapore.


   Wed. 7-8PM


   Advanced, by instructor permission

All Levels Taiji

Class begins by waking up the major joints of the body gently. We move into deeper stretching, stance work and kicks for strengthening the legs, some energy work for the hands, arms and back, balance exercises and foundation work. We practice basic Taiji principles and movements, then work on learning and practicing a longer Taiji form. The forms we train are the Taiji 13, 32, 42, the Koos’ Style 105 and the Sun Style 98.


   Tues., 6-7PM

   Sterling College in Craftsbury Common, VT

   Room 1958

   Fri., 10-11AM

   Hardwick Health Center, Hardwick, VT


   Sat. 1:30-2:30PM

Once a student has achieved an intermediate level of practice in the martial arts, they may choose to begin training in weapons. Training in weapons allows the practitioner to extend their Qi beyond their body, through the weapon. It increases coordination, mobility and balance, and is really fun! At Halfmoon we teach fan, Taiji sword (jian), saber (dao), and spear.

We practice both solo forms as well as fighting sets.



This class is for current Taiji students training at an intermediate level. Students do not need previous experience in Fan. We will focus on form, weapon use and function through drills, application and forms practice.  Students taking this class must be currently training in an empty hand class with Michele as well as the Fan class.


   Wed. 8-9PM

   Sat. 3:30-4:30pm



Heather w-sword.jpg


This class is for current Taiji students training at an intermediate level and invited by the instructor. Students do not need previous experience in Taiji Sword. We will be working through drills in each class, emphasizing alignment, proper use and etiquette with the weapon. Students will then move on to learning forms to apply their knowledge, including the Taiji Sword 42, 56, the Wudang Sword 49 and Lung Yin Gim.  Students taking this class must be currently training in an empty hand class with Michele as well as the Sword class.


   Sat., 2:30-3:30pm





Class begins with warm-up of the major joints in the body, then moves swiftly into drills and basic movements with the spear and then beginning to learn Rising Block Spear from the Northern Shaolin tradition. Students who have trained in any weapons with Michele are welcome to attend this class. 

The spear, like the straight sword, makes use of many spiraling techniques and helps to focus the internal spirals within the body. In the Rising Block Spear form, the weapon is held primarily with support from the left hand and guidance from the right. This gives the left arm a good workout and balances the exertion found in the other weapons forms that use the right hand for support. The Rising Block Spear is excellent for opening up the shoulder blades and rotating the hips and shoulders in conjunction with the spine. 

On hiatus until Summer 2024



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